The Ancient Jameh Atigh Mosque in Shiraz is th oldest and an ancient mosque dating from 894 and represents Shiraz’s oldest Islamic Structure though most of what you see is from the late Safavid period onwards.

When you walking through the southeastern back of the entrance to the Shah Cheragh Courtyard and turning right after about 50 meter leads to the Ancient Jameh Atigh Mosque.

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Review of the ancient Jameh Atigh mosque of Shiraz

When inside the courtyard’s of the Jameh Atigh mosque the dome of the north iwan and the hypostyle columns in the ancient prayer hall in the southeast corner are most impressive among the rest, the highlight of the Jameh Atigh Mosque is the rare turreted Khoday-Kahe (The Hosue of the God), It was build in the mid 14th century or perhaps even earlier to preserve valuable Qurans, poet Hafez is believed to have worked here.

The Khoday-Khane bears an uncanny likeness to the Kaabe at Mecca, and bears a unique Sassanid-style Tholth inscriptions in raised stone characters on a tiled background.