The Naghsh-e Rajab is an Archaeological site north of Persepolis and dates back to the reigns of Ardeshir I and Shapur the Great from the Sassanid Empire (224 – 642 A.C)

Guide to visit Naghsh-e Rajab

Naqsh-e Rajab is the site which is dedicated to four bas-reliefs that date to the early Sassanid era. One of the carvings is the investiture inscription of Ardeshir I (r. 226 – 241), the founder of the Sassanid Empire. The second investiture inscription is Ardeshir’s successor, Shapur I (r. 241 – 272). A third bas-relief, known as ‘Shapur’s Parade’ celebrates the king’s military victory in 244 over the Roman emperor Valerian and Philip the Arab. A fourth bas-relief and inscription is attributed to Kartir, high priest under Shapur I and his sons Hormizd I (r. 272 – 273) and Bahram I (r. 273 – 276).